Partnership - Collaborate with Dominion Markets


If you're interested in partnering with us through our IB/Partner program, please reach out to us by Clicking Here. We look forward to the opportunity to connect and discuss further. Thank you!

Be Your Own Broker with Dominion Markets!

Becoming a partner with Dominion Markets is easy and very rewarding for the right individual. This is also known as Be Your Own Broker and grow with us.

Whenever someone places a trade, they pay a commission of $7 per 1 lot. Below is a breakdown of how the commissions work:

  • $2.5 is what we as a broker pay to liquidity for sending all orders to the market (A-Book)
  • $4.5 is how a broker makes profits (system upkeep, admin, license fees etc)
  • $1.5 out of that $4.5 is shared with the Partner

As a Partner of Dominion Markets you are rewarded a portion of the commission which is $1.5 per 1 lot traded ! Most of our top partners are earning between $3500 - $7800 per month in PASSIVE income!

Step-by-step guide on how to sign up and become a PARTNER with Dominion Markets

When you sign up to Dominion Markets click on Partner at the very bottom from the left hand side of the menu

Below is a Dashboard page you can view more
detailed information

  1. Click on Dashboard to view your Partner back office. Here you can see a lot of information
  2. This is your unique link. You can use this link in your YouTube description, IG Bio, Twitter Bio or anywhere you think would be appropriate. If a client signs up via your link, then they automatically become your sub client
  3. Here you can see the number of ACTIVE traders. You can also see the amount of volume traded by traders under you and the rewards generated from them. Please note, rewards will be automatically calculated and displayed after 24-48 hours

From the Links page under PROMO you have an ability to generate your own personal QR code as well to make is easier for clients to sign up

Under REPORTS, as a partner with Dominion Markets you can see more information on the trades taken and the rewards given. This is very useful if you have a team joining under the Partner program so that you can see where traders need help in their trading. This will be quite helpful to you who as an educator can now identify where your students are struggling and assist them further.

Our entire goal with the Be Your Own Broker program is to retain clients by making them profitable. In return as a partner with Dominion Markets, you create passive income for yourself as well. As you know we also have an incentives program where traders can enroll in our Forex Database to learn. We beleive, well informed traders are good traders, and good traders are long term profitable clients.