XAUUSD Technical Analysis 13th May 2024 1h chart

– Previous Weekly candle closed bullish at 2359.800 forming Weekly Support around 2304.300. Friday Daily candle closed weak Bullish rejecting the previous Daily range formed by end of April. I’ll be looking for potential Buys above 2369.700 targeting 4h previous Support formed on 18th April 2024 around 2378.400 and Hourly Resistance formed around 2386.600. I’ll be looking for potential Sells below 2356.700 targeting Hourly Support formed around 2349.300 and Hourly previous Resistance around 2343.300. Ideally is to allow the Asian session to form a new range for the new Weekly candle to then anticipate where could possibly go. Looks like we might get Daily Resistance to form Monday and retrace allowing the new Weekly candle to form bottom wick before the continuation to the Upside.