GBPJPY Technical Analysis 1st April 2024 1h chart

– Previous Weekly candle closed weak Bullish at 190.910 as price ranged throughout the week, Friday Daily candle closed weak Bearish as price ranged due to low volume. Thursday Daily candle closed weak Bearish around 191.010 as price remains within the 4h Consolidation Zone. I’ll be looking for potential Buys above 191.240 targeting Hourly Resistance around 191.540 and 4h Resistance formed around 192.040. I’ll be looking for potential Sells below 190.650 targeting previous Weekly Low around 190.350 and 30min Support at 189.970. As price continues to range within the 4h recent Consolidation Zone ideally is to wait for price to break and close out of the range. The Analysis posted for Friday remains the same as price traded within the No Trade Zone due to low volume (Good Friday Bank Holiday).