GBPJPY Technical Analysis 27.04.2023 1h chart

– Previous Daily candle closed Bullish at 166.630 forming new Daily Support at 165.860 as price respects the Daily Support formed on Friday 14th April 2023.
– Buys on close above 167.020 targeting Daily Resistance at 167.530, Leaving Runners to the 4h Resistance formed at 167.840.
– Sells on close below 166.240 targeting Daily Support formed at 165.860, Leaving Runners to the 4h and the 1h Support formed at 165.550.
– Targets for Buys and Sells are much smaller as it is necessary to adapt to the market / price action, better sells will be once price break below the Daily Rejection wicks on the left from 14th April 2023.