XAUUSD Technical Analysis 09.02.2023 1h chart

– Previous Daily candle closed small body Bullish candle at 1875.500 leaving a Rejection wick at 1886.600.
– Buys on close above 1878.500 targeting 4h Resistance at 1886.200, Leaving Runners to the 4h previous Support formed on 13th January 2023 at 1893.000.

– Sells on close below 1869.400 targeting Daily Support at 1865.000, Leaving Runners to the 4h previous Resistance formed on 4th January 2023 at 1860.600.

– Trade ideas are best on the 4h and 1h timeframe mainly because of the 30min and 15min timeframe looks very choppy due to small ranges, We have Unemployment Claims data release 30min after New York session open forecasting 191k, Previously was 183k.