$1000 Minimum Deposit

Dominion Markets is an award winning and the fastest growing Forex,CFD and Crypto brokerage.

Deposit a minimum of $1,000 and unlock a 20% deposit bonus will be added to your margin and help you increase your leverage. It is applicable for every client including the new ones and the existing ones.

Trade and Earn

Utilize your bonus funds to open larger positions and amplify your potential gains.

An example of How it works

Without Bonus
20% Bonus
100:1 Leverage


Fund $1,000 + &
Get 20% Bonus


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Your Funds, Your Terms

Immediate Funding

Fastest Withdrawals

20% Deposit Bonus Terms and Conditions

Must be at least 1000 USD.

The Bonus itself cannot be withdrawn.

Must be a new Deposit (you can not withdraw your funds and redeposit it to claim the bonus)

If you withdraw the amount that triggered the bonus, the bonus will be removed. Unless you Trade a minimum of 50 Lots (Please note this will scale up depending on your bonus amount, please ask our team if you are unsure on the Lots you need to trade).

All profits you make can be withdrawn without effecting your Bonus.

The deposit bonus itself isn't tradeable or loseable. It is to help you increase your leverage.