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Commission Incentives - Trading Cost Savings

Our Commission Incentives

At Dominion Markets we are not only focused on providing safe and fair environments to trade in, but we also make sure our clients have the ability to access world class Forex price action education and Risk Management strategies and tools.

There is no need for clients to pay extra to have access to these services. Our clients can use their commissions paid in PRO and islamic accounts to access services and tools that benefit their trading career.

Keeping this in mind, we have partnered up with

Market Fluidity

Get access to a premium education program by Market Fluidity to learn not only the basic concepts of Forex trading but also advanced techniques to have an edge in the markets

500$ in total commissions accumulated to get free access

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Digital Magic Keys

A virtual device to help you with trade and risk management

30$ in total commissions accumulated to get it for free

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Knowledge is a wise investment

We recognize trading can be a daunting task when it comes to managing risk, emotions, and profit/loss. Which is why we have partnered up with the leading forex education firm to provide our clients with the best possible resources to enhance their education related to trading and managing risk.

Market Fluidity

The easiest to understand course based on candles and how to tell stories with the way they close

Risk Management is crucial!

If you research what's the most important thing in trading, the answer will be risk management. It's not something we say, it's what the most reputable traders of the world say. With Magic Keys you can quickly open trades that strictly follow your risk parameters. The automatic triggers will help cut out losses and secure winners. Visit to find out all the features this amazing tool comes with.

As a result of being a trader at Dominion Markets, now you not only have access to the best trading environments but you can also redeem your commissions to have access to the best Forex Education and Risk Management strategies.

*Commissions cannot be redeemed as cash or added to balances. They are ONLY for above mentioned services.

*Only ECN, ECN PLUS and Islamic accounts are supported for now.