Commission Incentives

At Dominion Markets, our commission-based perks go beyond transactional benefits. Clients can leverage their commissions to unlock a suite of valuable tools and services at no additional cost.

Digital Magic Keys

Manage risk :Open orders based on your risk parameters just with a key press, lot sizes are automatically calculated

Automatic trade management :Set automatic trade management with ease. Set your break-even and multiple partial take-out triggers.

Easy trade exiting :Close entire positions or partials, move stop-loss and take-profit prices to preset levels or just type the amount of pips

Trading limits :The trading limits panel aims to keep you away from overtrading by clearly showing you when your trading limitations for the day have been reached

Statistics :Get statistics on your performance on individual instruments and get an insight on what you are risking before placing a trade

and much more

Market Fluidity

Simplified Learning

Meticulously crafted to simplify complex Forex concepts.

Inclusive Education

Focuses on the average trader, prioritizing simplicity as the cornerstone of the learning experience.

Extraordinary Results

By unlearning conventional approaches and embracing our extraordinary learning framework, traders unlock their potential for exceptional results.

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Commission incentives include risk management tool i.e. Magic Keys and premium forex education courses, enhancing traders' skills and strategies.

To access commission incentives, you must first accumulate commissions in your account. Magic keys require a minimum of $30 in commissions, while Market Fluidity courses become available once you've reached $500 in commissions.

Rest assured, our Dominion Markets team is diligently working to ensure seamless access. In the rare event that you do not gain access despite having sufficient commissions in your account, please feel free to reach out to us at

You have the option to either buy the physical version of Magic Keys or subscribe to the on-screen version on Magic Keys.

If your account lacks sufficient commissions, you have the option to purchase Market Fluidity courses on Market Fluidity.

Upon gaining access to the Market Fluidity courses, you have the opportunity to join our Discord community. You can either purchase the courses at Market Fluidity or utilize your commissions to acquire them for free.

Magic Keys, a tool trusted by over 42,000 traders, and Market Fluidity courses, recognized as among the finest in forex education, undoubtedly represent a worthwhile investment. However, it's worth noting that both can be obtained for free by leveraging your accumulated commissions.